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As constructors, designers and manufacturers, we develop products of the highest quality standards. With creativity and innovation, we actively support you in the realisation of your projects.

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Our technical office is active in research and development and takes care of 3D design and the creation of technical documents. The realization of your prototypes in 3D printing concretizes your product in an early stage of development.

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We are an innovative and dynamic manufacturer looking for the best technical and aesthetic solutions.

Who are we?

Maxime Oudot & Aurélien Bouchet

The ABConcept/ ABProduct factory is in the watch metropolis La Chaux-de-Fonds. With our fully integrated manufacture we can realize your projects completely inhouse.

Since 2003, our experience and 20 qualified employees, we have 14 different professions in-house.

Our main field of activity is the manufacture of watch components, but our know-how is also applied in other areas such as jewellery, micromechanics, automotive and aviation.

Our passion is to design, construct and produce watch components…


Maxime Oudot & Aurélien Bouchet



  • Research & Development
  • 3D- Construction
  • 2D drawings
  • Project management
ABConcept - Entwicklung

Rapid prototyping

Our Ultra High Definition 3D prototype printing is very precise and accessible.

Useful for the aesthetic and functional validation of your projects, UHD 3D is an alternative to machining for the tools manufacture and/or complex laying.

« The infinitely small becomes realistic !"


Our manufacturing processes :

  • CNC machining 3 to 7 axes
  • CNC turning, and CNC precision turned parts
  • Robotised and automatic bar machining
  • Wire-cut EDM
  • CNC and laser engraving
  • Laser welding
  • Polishing and satin finishing
  • Mounting hands
  • Complex assemblies
  • Assembly of finished components
  • Complete project management
  • Management of components
  • Management of finished products
  • MTO logistics (customisation)
  • Production of small and medium series

Our products :

Watch cases
Buckles and buckle covers
Screws, tubes and pins
Pushers and crowns
Hands and dial elements
Writing utensils
Clocks and unique objects
Dial and movement parts
Jewellery and jewellery components
Metal components for leather goods and accessories

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Our commitments

We are committed to the RJC initiative (Responsible Jewelry Council) since 2019.
You can read our Company Policy.



To respect, ensure and protect the confidentiality of the information transmitted and processed about the projects entrusted to us.

Advice from our technical know-how.

Propose solutions that are as close as possible to the needs of our customers.

Satisfy customers through our commitment.

Propose innovative technical solutions to ensure the feasibility of our customers' projects.

Proactively and professionally support projects.





We guarantee a finished product according to customer requirements: aesthetic, dimensional and functional.


We mainly use the NIHS-ISO/TC114 references and adapt to our customer standards.


Our manufacturing guarantees the quality of Swiss Made; Swiss Ness; Swiss Preferential Origin for your product.


AB Concept / AB Product - EPHJ 2018

EPHJ 2018 ABConcept / ABProduct

As every year we participate at the EPHJ trade fair at Palexpo Geneva.

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New visual indentity

The logos of ABConcept/ABProduct have been redesigned!

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ABConcept / ABProduct

Aurélien BOUCHET
Founder - Managing Director    


+41 (0)32 924 22 00

Maxime OUDOT 
Founder - Technical Director


Virgile MARGUET 
Operative Director

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